Kalamay Ube Recipe

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Kalamay Ube Recipe
Kalamay Ube Recipe Preparation

This Kalamay Ube Recipe is not hard to make since it makes use of the same ingredients you use aided by the regular Kalamay therefore the only thing you need to include is the Grated Ube. It offers the exact same result but with Ube as added taste. Since brown sugar includes a strong color that make a difference to any meal, white sugar should be utilized in the place of it so the ensuing color is the fact that of ube. You may also include more food color to incorporate vibrancy to the native sweet.

Kalamay Ube
Kalamay Ube Recipe
Ube Kalamay Recipe


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The Philippines must certanly be happy with the numerous indigenous candies from the numerous provinces. One Filipino native sweet which deserves more applause is Kalamay (Calamay). Kalamay is really a gluey and super sweet rice dessert created from coconut milk, brown sugar, and ground glutinous rice.

Author: Pilipinas Recipes Prep Time: 10 mins Cook Time: an hour Total Time: an hour 10 mins Yield: 10 Category: Dessert Cuisine: Filipino
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Prepare the latik by transferring the coconut milk as a pot that is small pan. Allow it boil until it curdles. (See pictures below).
Prepare the banana will leave (if you want) and oil because of the oil from the latik.
In a wok combine all ingredients. Mix until well combined.
Cook in low heat. Keep stirring until mixture is very thick.
Transfer the cooked combination into the banana leaves and top with latik.
Provide warm. Enjoy! ?


Recipe yields 2 dessert pans
You could add 1/4 cup more sugar it sweeter. if you want?


Temperature coconut milk in a pan. Bring to a boil.
Keep stirring for around 15-20 minutes until the milk converted into oil and leave a solid residue.

Prepare the curd by pouring the coconut milk right into a pan. Allow it to boil until it curdles.
Wilt banana leaf then oil using the oil through the coconut curd.
The coconut milk, sugar, sweet rice flour and grated purple yam, mix until well combined in a large wok combine.

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